6 simple tips to generate more leads for your tech business

With technology advancing faster than ever before and competition levels soaring high, generating high-quality leads has never been so important for your technology business.

The consumers of 2021 are spoilt with choice when it comes to tech options. As such, they’re going to be taking the time to carefully consider all the options available before reaching out for more information. 

You need to be at the forefront of your audience’s mind when they come to make a purchase. But how do you ensure this? We’ve pulled together 6 simple tips to generate leads for your tech business in 2021.

1. Offer free trials

From car dealerships offering test drives to fashion retailers providing changing rooms: the “try before you buy” strategy has long been a key offering for businesses across all industries with consumers only willing to spend their hard-earned cash on a product if they know it will work for them.

The same strategy can be applied by your tech business. Offering free trial periods to customers to try your products is a successfully proven way to generate leads. Giving customers a short period, free of charge, to try out your tech product will allow them to discover all the benefits it will bring to their life. Once they know what it will do for them, they’ll be sure to consider buying.

2. Up the ante on your digital outbound marketing

Outbound lead generation refers to focusing marketing/sales efforts on tasks that involve you approaching your target audience as opposed to inbound strategies, such as content marketing, that rely on customers coming to you.

Digital outbound marketing tactics are essential to getting your business in front of your ideal customer who you know would be likely to benefit from your product or service. In today’s hypercompetitive market, you simply cannot just expect your target audience to flock to you… as incredible as that would be!

The decision-makers you are selling to are probably pretty unlikely to spend a lot of time scrolling through social media or business directories to find a solution to their business problems. As such, putting the right message in front of the decision-maker just at the right time through well-executed outbound marketing techniques such as personalised emails, social media ads, and content syndication can really work wonders when it comes to lead generation.

3. Host webinars

Following on from the above point, webinars are a brilliant way to generate valuable leads for your technology business. Your technology business was built to serve a particular need and to solve a problem. You’re likely to be an expert in this area and have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips to share with an enthusiastic audience who want to learn more about how to solve this very problem.

Through a series of webinars and online events, you can educate potential leads and position your technology business as a thought leader in the industry, while also piquing interest in your product or services. 

The brilliant thing about webinars is that even after the initial event, the content can be recorded and archived for future viewings via a gated form. This means you can continue to capture leads through registrations for weeks after the event.

4. Track your website performance and visitor behavior with analytics

Website analytics is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. By tracking and analysing your website performance, you can immediately identify major opportunities to increase your leads. The primary goal is to understand what’s working in order to build upon this success, and to identify what isn’t working to avoid wasting both time and money. 

Google Analytics should become your new best friend. Using resources such as this will allow you to identify valuable information such as how a customer navigates through your website, which pages users are exiting on, your best-performing pages, your top referral channels, and more.

5. Optimise your site for conversions

The analytics you identify above can also inform how you optimise your website in order to achieve the highest level of conversions. 

An important statistic to look at when optimising your technology business’s website is the bounce rate. If a large proportion of your website visitors are leaving after looking at just one page, it’s clear you have a problem somewhere. The great news is, the solution is in your hands. Take the time and effort to review these pages and improve their bounce rate with more engaging content and effective call-to-actions.

6. Always automate where possible

In the journey to meeting targets and achieving objectives, time can be one of the largest barriers to business growth. Fortunately, in 2021, the advancement of marketing automation (the process of leveraging software to automate certain lead generation and marketing tasks) has enabled businesses and marketers everywhere to breathe a huge sigh of relief. 

There’s an automation solution for so many areas of the marketing funnel. But perhaps the most common form of automation when it comes to lead generation is in email marketing. Using software such as Mailchimp and HubSpot, you can pretty much automate your entire email marketing process from the initial opt-in to follow-up campaigns based on a series of rules you can set. 

Marketing automation for your technology business will not only save you heaps of time and effort, but it will hugely amplify your lead generation marketing results.

Here at HdE AGENCY, we have proven experience at driving growth for our technology clients through data-driven analysis and lead generation strategies. Get in touch today and find out how we can help your technology business generate valuable leads and drive profitable growth.