HdE is a Bristol-based growth agency at the heart of the UK tech industry, working across a range of leading and emerging digital channels we help digital and tech businesses grow their brand, their audience and their profits.

We work with some of the biggest and most ambitious digi-tech businesses, reducing the risk every organisation faces when taking a product to market, finding scalable processes and strategies to help our clients succeed.

HdE has helped countless tech organisations build strong foundations by creating industry-specific, strategic marketing and content programs that build awareness and drive pipeline. Our unique approach looks to allocate & optimise your channels to quickly build brand awareness and in turn, top of funnel pipeline within specified markets.


Through our MoSCow method we review current strategies and processes to get a clear understanding of where we are – and importantly where we want to get too.


We deploy our experts to validate every deliverable to ensure we put the best foot forward. We quickly identify the best channels and strategies aligned to your agreed indicator of success.


We align ourselves to your growth targets – whatever that may be. But, we don’t just leave you with a tool kit – we work in collaboration with your organisation to continually drive success. We are a part of your team.


Helping start and scale-ups, grow their brand, their audience and their profits.


We help businesses best leverage their digital channels to connect them with current and prospective customers, utilising our proprietary performance model we help businesses generate leads, increase their sales funnel and break new territories.


Probably the most critical component of any successful business strategy. We use tried and tested frameworks to undertake in-depth research projects that inform and shape marketing and commercial strategies for our digital and technology clients.


In partnership with some of the worlds biggest solution vendors including HubSpot, Zoho and Salesforce, we review & optimise new and existing CRM systems to automate processes that develop robust scalable organisations, giving you a first in class platform.


From creating a brand or website, to rolling it out across every point of contact, our Bristol-based Creative Studio Team work closely with you to build your proposition and identity, we’re not just about making it look good, everything we do is performance related.


Our team of leading business and marketing experts will support you along every step of the way. With access to additional leading experts and stakeholders, we select and manage experts applicable to your industry and growth goals, bringing together the right ideas and people.


Sales and revenue underpin every successful business, big and small. We help organisations drive engagement, influence and sales. Our omnichannel approach is underpinned by clear objectives and a thorough understanding of your customers and market conditions.


We help digital and technology providers tell stories using clever content circulated through the right channels, that reaches the right people. We get you known by major media outlets, key individuals and organisations across the industry to drive strategic stakeholder engagement.


With access to a network of industry-specific NED’s and support programs we roadmap your business every step of the way to ensure you are given the best support and pathways to aggressively grow and mature. Mobilise on-demand in-house expertise when you need them the most.

" We're behind those who give a damn and love businesses that take a stand and are determined to make a difference. These people want to do more; they want to fuel the businesses they believe in, they are ambitious and want to grow something special. "

— Ashley Wheeler,  CEO

HdE was built on the foundations of community. It is our experience, knowledge and connections within the regions digital and technology cluster that allows us to help our clients, accelerating growth way beyond just another service offering.

“ We work with businesses that are aspiring to shape the future. They're willing to push boundaries and allow us to market them in the world we live in. We embed ourselves into these organisations with minimal disruption allowing us to amplify their presence, their voice and their identity. ”

— Dale J Graham, CMO

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