Targeted brand engagement and thought leadership positioning

In an era of intense competition and digital noise, establishing thought leadership and capturing the attention of target industries can be a formidable challenge. OKdo in partnership with HdE AGENCY embarked on a strategic journey to leverage the power of webinars.

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OKdo, a subsidiary of the RS Group, is a prominent technology company operating on a global scale. As a trusted distributor and partner, they provide a comprehensive range of single-board computing components, including renowned brands like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and OKdo’s expertise lies in empowering individuals and organizations to unlock their creativity and harness the power of electronics and IoT solutions. Leveraging the support and resources of the FTSE 100 firm, OKdo is at the forefront of driving technological innovation and enabling the development of groundbreaking projects worldwide. Their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and fostering collaboration within the electronics industry sets them apart as a leading force in the market.

" The HdE AGENCY team just got it, with a brilliant understanding of our solution, and a fantastic grasp of the public sector and how they procure technologies "

Marketing Manager, OKdo

The challenge presented to HdE AGENCY was to effectively cut through the noise and reach diverse industries at scale with OKdo’s webinar series. The goal was not only to establish OKdo as a thought leader in the field of single-board computing but also to strengthen their positioning across various sectors. Additionally, the solution needed to support lead generation efforts, attracting professionals and enthusiasts interested in exploring the potential of single-board computing for their projects and applications. This multifaceted challenge required a strategic and tailored approach to engage specific industries, enhance thought leadership, and drive quality leads for OKdo’s business.

In addition to the challenge of reaching diverse industries and improving thought leadership positioning, HdE AGENCY was tasked with targeting specific brands and prospects to engage with OKdo’s brand and solutions. This involved identifying key decision-makers, influencers, and industry experts within the target industries and crafting a tailored approach to capture their attention and interest.

By conducting thorough market research and leveraging industry insights, HdE AGENCY developed a strategic targeting strategy that focused on reaching the right audience. This involved identifying brands and prospects that aligned with OKdo’s offerings and had a genuine need for single-board computing solutions.

Through a combination of data-driven targeting, personalized messaging, and strategic content creation, HdE AGENCY aimed to build meaningful connections with the identified brands and prospects. By highlighting the unique value proposition of OKdo’s solutions and showcasing how they could address specific pain points and challenges, the goal was to generate interest, establish credibility, and ultimately drive engagement and conversions.

The targeting of brands and prospects was a crucial aspect of the solution, as it allowed OKdo to expand its reach within the desired industries, foster relationships with potential customers, and position itself as a trusted partner in the field of single-board computing.

" From Agritech to Automotive we built a robust ad engine that drove targeted engagement and high quality leads "

Account Director, HdE AGENCY

The solution provided by HdE AGENCY for OKdo’s webinar series was meticulously crafted to showcase their expertise and empower their audience with valuable insights and knowledge. By leveraging our extensive experience in webinar management and digital marketing, we developed a comprehensive strategy that aimed to engage, educate, and inspire participants. Through a combination of compelling content, interactive sessions, and strategic promotion, our solution successfully positioned OKdo as a trusted authority in the field of single-board computing, driving meaningful connections and fostering a vibrant community of innovators and technology enthusiasts.

Strategic Planning: Our team at HdE AGENCY worked closely with OKdo to develop a comprehensive webinar strategy aligned with their marketing goals. We identified key themes and topics that resonated with their target audience, ensuring each webinar provided relevant and valuable insights.

Content Creation: We collaborated with OKdo’s subject matter experts to create compelling and informative webinar content. Our team crafted engaging presentations, designed visually appealing slides, and developed interactive elements to enhance audience participation and learning.

Technical Setup: We provided end-to-end technical support to ensure seamless execution of the webinars. This included selecting the right webinar platform, setting up registration pages, managing live broadcasts, and recording sessions for on-demand viewing.

Promotion and Audience Engagement: To maximise attendance and engagement, we implemented a multi-channel promotion strategy. This included targeted email campaigns, social media advertising, and leveraging OKdo’s existing customer base and industry partnerships. We also facilitated live Q&A sessions and interactive polls to encourage audience participation during the webinars.

Follow-up and Lead Nurturing: After each webinar, we implemented a lead nurturing strategy to capitalise on the generated interest. We provided attendees with post-webinar resources, such as whitepapers or exclusive offers, and followed up with personalised email campaigns to nurture leads and drive conversions.

Results: Igniting Massive Reach and Impressive Lead Conversions

The results achieved through OKdo's webinar series were nothing short of remarkable. The campaign achieved a staggering reach of 518,000 individuals, effectively spreading the message of OKdo's expertise and solutions to a vast audience. With an impressive 774,000 impressions, the campaign made a significant impact, capturing the attention of industry professionals and decision-makers.

One of the most notable accomplishments of the campaign was the generation of 12,000 clicks to signups. These clicks represented individuals who were not only interested in the webinar content but also actively engaged with OKdo, expressing a desire to learn more and potentially become customers or partners.

These exceptional results showcased the effectiveness of OKdo's targeted approach, resonating with brands and prospects across various industries. By strategically positioning their webinars and delivering valuable insights and knowledge, OKdo successfully established themselves as a thought leader in the field, gaining the trust and attention of their target audience.

The impressive reach, high number of impressions, and substantial clicks to signups are a testament to the success of OKdo's webinar series. The campaign not only achieved its goal of cutting through the noise at scale but also significantly improved OKdo's thought leadership positioning and supported lead generation efforts, paving the way for future success and growth.