From Vision to Reality: Showcase UK Event Campaign

TechnologyOne UK, a leading enterprise software solutions provider, partnered with HdE AGENCY to create and execute a comprehensive delegate acquisition campaign for their flagship event, TechnologyOne Showcase UK. The goal was to gather senior leaders from across the UK for a one-day showcase event and exhibition that highlighted the latest innovations and solutions in the industry.

Campaign Strategy and Planning
Channel Selection and Optimisation
Content Creation
Campaign Execution
Data Analysis and Optimisation
Retargeting Strategy
Reporting and Analysis

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, staying ahead of trends is crucial. HdE AGENCY developed a strategic campaign that comprised two primary funnels: ‘Awareness’ and ‘Conversions.’ The campaign aimed to create high-volume awareness through various channels while retargeting unconverted users with personalised content to convert them. The campaign also leveraged organic channels to supplement the paid activities.

" This campaign not only brought together senior leaders from across the UK but also reinforced our mission of delivering solutions that empower communities. Together, we've demonstrated that anticipating trends and adapting to change isn't just a challenge; it's an opportunity to shape the future of industry "


The Showcase UK event campaign encompass a comprehensive range of strategic activities designed to ensure the success of the event. These services include:

  1. Campaign Strategy and Planning: HdE AGENCY developed a tailored campaign strategy that included defining the target audience, setting campaign objectives, identifying key messaging, and outlining the channel selection based on data-driven insights.
  2. Channel Selection and Optimization: A meticulous analysis of successful campaigns in Australia and New Zealand was carried out to identify the most effective channels. This involved choosing platforms such as Meta, Meta Instant Forms, Google Discovery, Google Display Network, and LinkedIn for precise targeting and optimal impact.
  3. Creative Development: HdE AGENCY conceptualised and designed the creative assets for the campaign, including high-volume awareness ads for Meta, conversion-focused ads with Meta Instant Forms, visually engaging content for Google Discovery and Google Display Network, and industry-specific messaging for LinkedIn.
  4. Content Creation: The agency generated compelling content that resonated with the event’s target audience, crafting engaging copy and visuals that communicated the value proposition of the TechnologyOne Showcase UK event.
  5. Campaign Execution: HdE AGENCY executed the campaign across the selected channels, ensuring that the creative assets were appropriately deployed to capture the attention of the intended audience.
  6. Data Analysis and Optimisation: Throughout the campaign, the agency continuously monitored the performance of each channel, analysing key metrics such as CPM, CPC, CPA, engagement rates, and conversion rates. This data-driven approach allowed for real-time optimisation to maximise the campaign’s effectiveness.
  7. Retargeting Strategy: The campaign incorporated retargeting tactics to engage users who had interacted with the initial awareness ads but hadn’t yet converted. This involved delivering tailored video content and messaging to encourage conversion.
  8. LinkedIn Engagement: For targeted outreach to industry bodies and executives, HdE AGENCY developed personalised LinkedIn Display and inMail campaigns to establish meaningful connections and encourage participation.
  9. Event Promotion: In addition to the digital efforts, the agency likely engaged in event promotion through various online and offline channels to build anticipation, generate buzz, and encourage registration.
  10. Reporting and Analysis: HdE AGENCY provided regular reports and analysis on the campaign’s performance, offering insights into key metrics, conversion rates, audience engagement, and the overall impact of the marketing efforts.

Results: Unleashing the Power of Simplicity

Unleashing the Power of Simplicity: The campaign's results were exceptional, driving hundreds of senior leaders from diverse industries to gather in London for the TechnologyOne Showcase UK event. The combination of awareness-building strategies and conversion-focused tactics resulted in significant engagement and participation.

About TechnologyOne Showcase UK Event: TechnologyOne Showcase is an annual event that delves deep into the innovative solutions offered by TechnologyOne. In 2023, the event focused on key initiatives such as CiA and DXP Local Government, showcasing the company's commitment to enhancing customer interactions and improving communities through technology.

The collaboration between TechnologyOne UK and HdE AGENCY resulted in a highly successful delegate acquisition campaign for the TechnologyOne Showcase UK event. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights and leveraging a mix of channels tailored to the target audience, the campaign achieved its goals of creating awareness, driving engagement, and delivering a dynamic event experience for senior leaders from across the UK. Through this partnership, TechnologyOne UK solidified its position as an industry leader, driving innovation and simplifying complexities for its customers.