Meta and TikTok Launch New Initiatives to Facilitate Connection Between Brands and Creators

Courting creators is back in style, with both Meta and TikTok launching new initiatives to lure top creators and pair them with affiliate marketing opportunities within their respective apps.

At Meta, the platform has launched a new video series that aims to address myths and misconceptions that creators may have about Facebook, and their potential opportunities in the app.

The new series will be presented by a range of creators who’ve been able to achieve success on Facebook, and will provide tips and notes on how to maximise your creator presence in the app.


Microsoft details plans to enrich AI-powered Bing as availability broadens

Microsoft is shifting its artificial intelligence-powered version of Bing from limited to open preview, eliminating waitlists to trial the product supported by OpenAI software like GPT-4. The move welcomes more consumers onto a platform that uses a type of generative AI technology that the firm sees as the next evolution of the internet and channels that are crucial to advertisers, including search.

As the availability of AI-powered Bing expands, Microsoft showcased more bells and whistles on the way. The platform is in the process of incorporating image-based searches after previously focusing on text prompts. An in-person demonstration showed someone dropping a picture of a crotchet dog into the interface, which then produced craft ideas as a response. At the same time, answers to searches are expected to become more visual, surfacing charts, graphs and image assets to complement text. 

Instagram Tests New Process to Help Brands Source UGC in the App

Instagram’s testing out a new option that will help brands discover relevant UGC in the app that they can then share as examples to better promote their products in-stream.

Instagram is now prompting some Shop managers to ‘Add user-generated content’ to their product listings to further encourage potential purchasers.

When you tap through on the prompt, Instagram’s system will then highlight Instagram posts that your business has been tagged in, which you can then associate with your product listings.


Government stops short of gambling ad ban but demands more action on targeting

Gambling brands have escaped any ban on advertising but have been warned they must do more to curb the targeting of vulnerable consumers online, and must offer “greater control” to consumers who want to opt out of receiving promotional offers and other forms of marketing.

The practice of offering customers free bets and bonuses will be reviewed “to ensure there are clear rules and fair limits on re-wagering requirements and time limits so they do not encourage excessive or harmful gambling”.

Meanwhile, the whitepaper states gambling operators should go further in how they use technology to target online ads away from children and vulnerable people.

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