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It’s been a busy week in the world of marketing with new CEOs, API updates from social media platforms and big stock decisions for Adidas. Check out the latest news ⬇️

Third-Party Platforms Will Soon be Able to Provide Instagram Stories Scheduling

Good news for social media managers, with Meta adding Instagram Stories posting capacity into its Instagram Graph API, which means that third-party posting tools will soon be able to facilitate Stories posting, and scheduling, making it easier to manage your content from a single platform.

It could be a big help for those managing Stories posting through apps like Hootsuite, adding another element into your primary dashboard for posting. I personally prefer posing via native app tools as much as possible, as it can provide a more accurate reflection of how your post will look in the preview, but having more capability to stay active across all aspects of your presence from a single platform is also beneficial, in many ways.


Elon Musk names Linda Yaccarino new Twitter boss

Elon Musk has named a new chief executive of Twitter, just over six months after his controversial takeover of the social media company.

The billionaire said Linda Yaccarino, the former head of advertising at NBCUniversal, would oversee business operations at the site, which has been struggling to make money.

He said she would start in six weeks.

Mr Musk will remain involved as executive chairman and chief technology officer.


Meta Expands ‘Meta Verified’ Verification Subscription Program to Users in the UK

Despite implementing some changes to its original plan for Meta Verified, its subscription program that enables users to purchase a blue checkmark on Facebook and Instagram, Meta is expanding availability of the scheme to the UK, with UK users able to apply from this week.

Meta launched the initial stage of Meta Verified with users in Australia and New Zealand back in February, before expanding it to US users a month later. And now, it’s the UK’s turn to start buying blue ticks – though as noted, there has been one significant change to the offering since its initial release.

When Meta expanded the program to the US, it pulled its increased reach element for Meta Verified profiles, which would have given subscribers more exposure potential within both apps.

Twitter has implemented something similar for Twitter Blue subscribers, giving them higher ranking in reply threads and discovery. But after trying it out with subscribers in Australia and New Zealand, Meta quickly backed away from this, in order to ‘reassess the best way forward’ for this aspect.


YouTube Adds New Shorts and Revenue Analytics Tools in YouTube Studio

YouTube’s announced its latest round of tweaks and updates, including new insights into audience behavior, new tools for scanning through Shorts clips, and more ways to recognize paying subscribers in-stream.

First off, YouTube’s rolling out a new analytics card in YouTube Studio which will show you the content formats that your viewers are engaging with most frequently in the app.

The new insights break down user behaviors into consumption time within videos, Shorts, and Live, which could help to guide your thinking on what types of videos to upload to maximize attention.

YouTube’s also adding more insight into the revenue breakdown screen in YouTube Studio, to provide more insight into where your channel income is coming from.


Adidas plans to sell some of its Yeezy inventory and donate the money

In a speech at Adidas’ Annual General Meeting for 2023 on Thursday, CEO Bjørn Gulden gave some insight into what the retailer plans to do with all its leftover Yeezy merchandise.

What to do with the 1.2 billion euros ($1.3 billion) of product has been a debate ever since Adidas cut ties with Kanye West, also known as Ye, in October. The retailer faced pressure both at the concept of burning the products and at the concept of selling the products. Now, it appears the retailer is leaning toward the latter option, with the aim of donating the proceeds.

An Adidas spokesperson did not answer questions about how much of the inventory the retailer plans to sell or if West would benefit from the sales. Adidas has said in the past that, as the sole owner of the IP rights to the designs, it would sell Yeezy products without the Yeezy name starting in 2023.


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