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Welcome to another week of Digital Digestibles!

It’s been a busy week in the world of marketing with new updates from the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri and more controversial decisions from Twitter. Check out the latest news ⬇️

How Does Instagram Recommend the Content You See?

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has recently provided an extensive overview of Instagram’s ranking algorithms. This valuable information can greatly enhance your understanding of how to optimise your content’s visibility and enhance its performance on Instagram’s main feed, Stories, and Reels.

As expected, Instagram emphasises that a substantial portion of the data utilised for content ranking originates directly from user-generated interactions. For instance, the sorting of Stories is influenced, in part, by the frequency with which a user checks updates from a particular account, as well as their engagement through actions like sending direct messages or liking a Story.

Additionally, Instagram endeavours to ascertain the user’s relationship with an account, such as whether they are a family member friend, or any kind of mutual relationship


YouTube Ditching Stories in Favour of Shorts

YouTube is winding down its Stories feature while pushing users towards two other existing features that they can use instead, the platform announced recently. The end of Stories will come on June 26th at which point nobody will be able to make Stories anymore, and existing ones will expire seven days after they were first shared. In the absence of Stories, YouTube is pushing people towards two existing features, community posts and Shorts, which it said should be able to fill the gaps left by Stories being removed.


Meta Shares New Insights into Video Ad Performance

Meta has published a new study which looks at the short and long-term effectiveness of Meta ad campaigns, with a specific focus on the impact of its video formats, including Reels.

Among the key findings:

  • Meta ads generated a 30% return on ad spend than TV ad campaigns.
  • Meta videos deliver the highest return on ad spend, with Reels and short video clips seeing the best performance.
  • Videos shorter than 15 seconds performed best for promotions.


Twitter Withdraws from EU Disinformation Code

Twitter could be setting a course for a future clash with EU regulators. The company opted to withdraw from the EU’s voluntary Code of Practice on online disinformation, which is part of the Digital Services Act (DSA), just months before the EU enforces compliance with the new standards.

The Code aims to implement clearer reporting and enforcement obligations for large online platforms in order to combat spammers and scammers, as well as the spread of misinformation.


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