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LinkedIn have been busy this week with a number of updates including some AI advances and Twitter HQ faces some losses.

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LinkedIn Experiments with New AI Assistant for InMails

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is experimenting with yet another way to bring generative AI into the app, this time via an AI assistant in your LinkedIn inbox that’ll be able to provide quick answers to questions as you engage in your DMs.

The addition would expand on Microsoft’s growing generative AI empire, with the tech giant looking to use its partnership with OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT-like tools into every surface that it can, which has already seen it add AI generated profile summaries, job descriptions, post creation prompts, and more into the LinkedIn experience.

LinkedIn also added generative AI messages for job candidates within its Recruiter platform last month.


Twitter Loses Two Executives In Charge of Trust and Safety

Despite Twitter’s repeated claims that hate speech and abuse, and thus negative brand exposure risk, has reduced since Elon Musk took over at the app, the signs coming out of Twitter HQ continue to suggest the opposite.

This week, Twitter lost not one but two executives that had been in charge of trust and safety at the platform, both of whom had been vocal supporters of Elon’s ‘free speech’ reformation. The departures came as a result of Musk overruling of the Twitter team’s decision to restrict the promotion of a documentary about gender transition, and the emerging ‘gender ideology movement’.


Consumers Are Far More Swayed by UGC than Influencers

How do you feel about products that are endorsed by influencers online?

The exposure impact alone can be worth the promotional value, and some brands and products have gained huge traction through influencer endorsements. But consumer responses do vary, and there can be a vast difference between a top creator promoting your product, and a smaller influencer giving it the nod.

Essentially, not all influencer endorsements are equal in this respect.

That’s the key finding from a new study conducted by Entribe, which found that 81% of the consumers it surveyed didn’t feel that influencer endorsement had any impact on their purchase activity at all, and can even have a negative impact in some respects.


LinkedIn Launches DMs for Company Pages

With more social media conversation shifting to DMs, and away from public feeds, LinkedIn’s looking to build out its messaging tools, with a view to facilitating more professional connection and interaction via InMails in the app.

And this could be a big step – today, LinkedIn has launched a new option that will enable Company Pages to send and receive DMs.

“With Pages Messaging, members can reach out to brands through a one-to-one message, which has previously only been available for member-to-member interactions, about topics like products and services, business opportunities and more. Organisations will have a dedicated inbox so that they can manage these two-way conversations and prioritise inquiries that matter most to their business.”


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