Twitter’s New CEO Outlines Her Guiding Principles for Managing the App

Yaccarino published a series of tweets, in which she outlined why she chose to come work for Twitter under new owner Elon Musk, and what will guide her decision-making at the app.

“Elon knew space exploration and electric vehicles needed transformation, so he did it. It’s also becoming clear that the global town square needs transformation – to drive civilization forward through the unfiltered exchange of information and open dialogue about the things that matter most to us. Have you ever been talking with someone particularly insightful and thought, you should have the freedom to speak your mind. We all should. Enter Twitter 2.0.”

As a reminder, Twitter’s US ad revenue is down by almost 60% this year, due to many brands opting out of Elon’s various changes at the app. Those have included bringing back previously banned users, lessening removals of violative content, putting increased reliance on the user community for moderation, and allowing ads to be subject to audience fact-checks via Community Notes.

Some of those may end up being positive steps, but at present, many brands are hesitant, and it’s Yaccarino that’ll be tasked with providing more reassurance on each element.


Meta Expands Instagram API to Incorporate Creator Accounts, User Tagging in Reels

Meta’s expanding the options available via the Instagram API, which will enable third-party platforms to offer more posting functionality within their apps.

First off, third-party developers will now be able to offer content publishing via Instagram Creator accounts, in addition to business profiles in the app. That means if you have a Creator account, your favourite third-party platforms will soon be able to facilitate direct IG publishing, making it easier to manage your content from a central dashboard, as opposed to having to post to each individually.

Meta will also now enable user tagging and original audio re-naming within Reels via the API.


TikTok Adds New AI Ad Script Generator Tool in Creative Center

TikTok has added a new AI-powered tool to help you create better TikTok video clips, with its ‘Script Generator’ — found within its Creative Center — that is able to map out video concepts based on your prompts.

With TikTok’s Script Generator tool, you can enter in your industry vertical, product name, a description of the item, and any relevant keywords that you want to highlight or include. You then also select whether you want a 15-30 second or 31-60 second video, then press ‘Generate scripts’.

With the information you’ve provided, the system will then churn out a selection of sample video scripts to consider, each including a hook, scene, and a call to action, with both audio and visual cues to include.


Instagram Tests New AI Chatbot Experience in DMs

There’s never been a tech trend that Meta didn’t like, and generative AI is no exception, with the company currently developing various new generative AI tools for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, that are designed to capitalise on emerging usage trends, while also ensuring that Meta doesn’t miss the boat on any major shifts.

And while we’ve already seen examples of generative AI tools to help create Facebook ads, visual prompt tools for Instagram stickers, and multi-modal AI advancements, Instagram’s also developing a new AI chat option, which looks similar to Snapchat’s My AI tool.

You’d be able to ask questions of the AI tool in-stream, while it wou ld also be able to give you advice on how to write more effective messages.


Twitter Experiments with Job Posts as Part of New ‘Twitter Recruiting’ Element

Twitter looks set to make its next steps into facilitating job posts and applications, with a new ‘Twitter Recruiting’ element now being built into the back-end code of the app.

Twitter’s working on a new element that would enable verified organisations to post job openings in the app, in order to advertise them on Twitter direct.

The job listings will be displayed on the company’s Twitter profile, with a link back to an application page on their website (or third-party provider).


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