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Meta emphasises Reels advertising as an option for brands as it expands access, TikTok lands a major win and Twitter Blue turns to long-form content for its subscribers. Check out the latest news ⬇️

Meta Expands Reels Ad Options

Meta’s announced some new Reels ad options to help more businesses tap into the popularity of the format, while it’s also testing new third-party verification elements to reassure brand partners.

First off, Meta’s expanding its Reels advertising options, with more brands now able to access the option.

Meta first launched ads on Reels last year, and it’s gradually expanding the program to more creators and ad formats, providing more ways for marketers to tap into the rising popularity of Reels.


TikTok Announced One of TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2023

From life hacks to quick laughs, to trending tracks and bestsellers, to great finds from small businesses, TikTok is where more than 1 billion people around the world come together to be entertained as they learn, laugh, or discover something new.

“Today, we’re delighted to celebrate with our global community as TIME magazine has named TikTok among the 100 Most Influential Companies of 2023*. For the second year in a row, we’re humbled to be a part of this list amongst some of the most inspiring and innovative companies in the world.”


LinkedIn Removes Native Carousels, Profile Videos and In-Image Links

LinkedIn users had been posting makeshift carousel posts for some time, using its PDF attachment option, with each page shown as an individual, scrollable frame, before LinkedIn added a native carousel posting option in July last year.

But it seems like LinkedIn users haven’t warmed to it, so LinkedIn’s curbing the native posting tool as of June 26th.

So if you want to post non-ad carousels in the app, you’ll have to revert back to sharing PDFs, and using each page as a frame for your quasi-carousel post.


Instagram Will Now Allow Users to Download Publicly Posted Reels Content

There’s never been a tech trend that Meta didn’t like, and generative AI is no exception, with the company currently developing various new generative AI tools for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, that are designed to capitalise on emerging usage trends, while also ensuring that Meta doesn’t miss the boat on any major shifts.

And while we’ve already seen examples of generative AI tools to help create Facebook ads, visual prompt tools for Instagram stickers, and multi-modal AI advancements, Instagram’s also developing a new AI chat option, which looks similar to Snapchat’s My AI tool.

You’d be able to ask questions of the AI tool in-stream, while it wou ld also be able to give you advice on how to write more effective messages.


Twitter Rolls Out 25k Character Tweets for Twitter Blue Subscribers

After initially enabling Twitter Blue subscribers to share tweets up to 4,000 characters long back in February, then expanding that to 10,000 characters in April, Twitter’s now expanded this again, with Blue users now able to post 25,000 character posts in a single tweet.

In addition to this, Twitter also recently rolled out the capacity to add inline images into your long tweets, with all Twitter Blue subscribers getting access to the functionality last week.

So now, you can create blog post style content, with visuals integrated into the text, within your tweets.


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