HdE & Mantis PR Annoucement: BookingLive

BookingLive, a leading booking and scheduling solutions provider for the public and private sectors, selects govtech PR and communications agency Mantis and technology performance growth agency HdE to implement a new marketing and communications plan.

The two suppliers working together will build BookingLive’s awareness further with key stakeholders and accelerate growth plans by supporting front line NHS staff, key worker communities and local authorities.

About BookingLive

BookingLive builds and implements booking and scheduling solutions for organisations across all sectors that are ‘data-driven, secure, and fully integrated with internal systems and software’.

BookingLive prides itself on its innovation and creativity running throughout the business, helping organisations to navigate customer engagement journeys by processing millions of bookings per year in an intelligent way.

To tell BookingLive’s story, Mantis and HdE will increase its share of the voice in the public sector, and provide the marketing and communications strategy to boost audience awareness and business growth.

The collaborative programme will consist of a variety of activities across communications, including content generation, customer advocacy, influencer relations, and media relations; while HdE’s growth strategy is to include brand strategy, digital audience creation and provision of retention expertise.

“We are excited to be working with both Mantis and HdE. Celebrating our team’s innovations, our clients’ achievements, as well as sharing the amazing stories that are coming from the impact technology is having on organisations and citizens’ lives, throughout the pandemic and beyond into the new normal ahead,” says Sam Johnston, chief marketing officer at BookingLive.

What Mantis & HdE Say

“BookingLive has some amazing solutions to offer organisations, with customers stretching from local authorities to transport organisations and even breweries,” says Eleanor Willock, General Manager at Mantis Public Relations. “We’re looking forward to sharing BookingLive’s story, creating advocates out of customers and generating impactful content in collaboration with HdE’s growth strategy for the business.”

“We’re genuinely delighted to be working with Sam and the team at BookingLive, from the outset they embodied everything we love in our clients, they have a real purpose and ambition to affect the world we live in with game-changing technology. Alongside our good friends at Mantis Public Relations we have a really powerful formula that is going to help BookingLive scale,” says Ashley Wheeler, CEO at HdE GROUP.