HdE TALENT | 2021 Digital & Technology Salary Guide

2020, the year the future of work bluntly arrived. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to accelerate digitisation, however it’s important to note, with this rapid change we run the risk of creating a ‘technological divide’ between those companies who keep apace and invest in the platforms, skills and infrastructures necessary, and those that don’t.

Although this year has been challenging, to say the least, there are still plenty of positives shaping the future of work, and the way UK businesses continue to attract world-class talent.

Businesses have rapidly re-imagined themselves from the inside out and are looking to employees with the right soft skills to build back better. Agility, self-motivation and communications are all key lever attributes being sought, as businesses look to build resilient hybrid workforces.

Hiring strategies and recruitment criteria has already evolved to identify the greatest potential candidates that can fulfil the ever present skills shortage in our industry. With an increased reliance on remote work and hybrid working models, the last 12 months has made it possible to widen and diversify the available talent pool, as businesses are governed less by physical and geographical barriers.

Attracting and retaining talent is paramount if businesses are to meet their growth goals, and as such the strategies that underpin these have already shown significant signs of transformation throughout 2020.

The emergence of new intelligent digital platforms, the increased adaption of martech and technology solutions are enabling businesses to hire smarter, whilst giving candidates an earlier and clearer understanding of culture and behavioural fit.

Our 2021 Salary Guide is designed to highlight the trends that will support your business talent strategy for the year ahead.

In response to the current pandemic, this year’s guide is more nuanced in its salary benchmarking by taking both remote working and office-based environments into consideration. You will also gain a snapshot of current hiring trends, along with our guidance on remuneration and benefits across contract and permanent roles.

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Scott Murphy

Managing Director, HdE TALENT