As a leader in trend forecasting, Pinterest Predicts offers unparalleled insight into the year ahead for brands across various verticals. With an impressive 80% success rate for three consecutive years, the report has earned the moniker “marketers’ crystal ball.” 

What sets Pinterest Predicts apart from other trend forecast reports is its granular approach, providing brands with access to the most detailed search data, such as a 3370% increase in searches for gamer girl fashion and a 245% increase in searches for salmon bowls.

According to Louise Richardson, Pinterest’s Director of Marketing, “There is no platform where the intent of the users and the needs of the brands are so perfectly aligned.” 

This insight is incredibly valuable for brands, as opposed to general observations like “authenticity it’s in.” Just ask Vogue, which claimed Pinterest’s Airy Styles trend as the one to know about in 2023.

Pinterest Predicts eliminates the need for guesswork, providing brands with current trends that will only rise in the year ahead. In 2022, consumers embraced maximalism and craved escape, but in 2023, there will be a renewed desire for self-care. 

As a leader in trend forecasting, Pinterest Predicts offers unparalleled insight into the evolving needs and desires of consumers. This year, the report has been upgraded to provide even more actionable insights for brands, including the ability to filter trends by audience, brand values, and categories.

One trend that is particularly noteworthy is the growing concern for both personal and planetary well-being among Pinners. On Pinterest, you’ll find proactive solutions to problems caused by the rising cost of living and climate anxiety. This includes an increased interest in upcycling inherited vintage finds, devising drought-tolerant garden features, and other positive takes on dystopian mindsets.

As Louise Richardson, Pinterest’s Director of Marketing, states, “When people are challenged, they turn to Pinterest…to do something about it. You don’t get that on other platforms. That’s why you’re seeing positive takes on dystopian mindsets.” No matter your industry, there’s a trend activation for you on Pinterest Predicts.

The Pinterest Predicts report not only offers comprehensive insights into the most relevant trends across various categories, but it also highlights opportunities for brands to capitalise on emerging trends in unexpected ways. For example, the Wildflours trend, driven by Gen X and Millennials, is a natural fit for food brands but there are also opportunities for homeware and cosmetics brands to tap into the growing interest in the “herbal apothecary aesthetic” which has seen a 1025% increase in searches.

Additionally, broader trends such as Romcom core and All the Raves speak to the resurgence of 90s/Y2K aesthetics that will continue to be popular in 2023. These versatile trends can be applied across various aspects of branding and marketing including set design, models, product branding, music, fonts, and colour palettes in campaigns and Pinterest ads.


Effective advertising is often characterised by its subtlety, seamlessly blending in with the content that users are already engaging with. Cosmetics brand Estée Lauder exemplifies this approach with their Instant Radiance campaign, which leaned into the Skinimalism trend prediction for 2021 and promoted sustainable beauty. The campaign’s results were impressive, achieving a 25% lower cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) than the industry benchmark.


As a marketing priority for 2023, brands should focus on the growing desire among Gen Z and millennials for offline experiences. This trend towards anti-tech exercises and art journaling reflects the need for a break from screens. 

To capitalise on this trend, brands should find ways to enrich offline experiences through their online presence. 

As Louise Richardson, Pinterest’s Director of Marketing, notes, “We’ve told a generation of children: if you’re bored, pick up a screen…It’s not a bad thing, but the kind of experience you have online is important.”


How is this applicable to technology brands?

As technology companies look to stay ahead of the curve in 2023, understanding the trends and behaviours of consumers on Pinterest can be a powerful tool in informing marketing strategies. Here are some trend-led tips to help you position your brand as the solution to what Pinners are searching for in 2023:

  • Embrace colour trends: For example, burnt orange shades like terracotta and copper are predicted to be popular in the wedding and events planning industry.
  • Capitalise on sustainable transportation trends: As Gen Z and Millennials drive demand for sustainable transport, technology companies in the transportation industry can tap into this trend by highlighting the eco-friendly features of their products and services.
  • Make money management fun: Financial services brands should focus on making money management more engaging and accessible, such as by offering money-saving challenges and budgeting tips.
  • Tap into the vintage and antique trend: Boomers and Gen X are embracing vintage and antique pieces, consider how your technology can be incorporated into this trend.
  • Cater to gender-neutral parenting: As Gen Z and Millennials adopt gender-neutral parenting, technology companies in the baby care industry can tap into this trend by offering products and services that promote self-expression and gender diversity.
  • Embrace the resurgence of 90s and noughts culture: The resurgence of rave and romcom culture can be a versatile trend that can be applied across various aspects of branding and marketing, such as set design, product branding, music, and color palettes.
  • Enrich offline experiences: Technology companies can help their audience recharge and relax by offering creative therapy, such as paper craft, music therapy or art journaling, which are all in high demand.


Pinterest, particularly for B2B  technology brands has been overlooked for some considerable time in our field. However, this report is super useful to identify niche trends that we can capitalise on, such as specific search data on certain products, services, societal challenges etc – this is a particularly powerful when looking to campaign and creative development, giving you real world data to understand that next big crest, to stimulate your thinking for that next big creative idea, spark the thinking to help create a meaningful and lasting impression on your target audience.