If you had to summarise your business, what do you do?

We empower financial institutions to launch digital and hybrid advice journeys to their customers.

What sparked the idea for your business?

Seeing just how valuable financial advice is, not only economically but emotionally as well and seeing how few people had access to the service here in the UK.

With everything you are currently working on, what’s the most exciting thing?

Using data to help serve customers in a more personalised, bespoke manner – our capabilities to generate the right insights and recommendations to the right customers at the right time are rapidly improving.

What moment do you look back on as your proudest?

Getting regulated to provide advice on an automated model – it took years of effort building out our tech and risk and governance frameworks to get there and was something no one else had managed to do.

When first starting your business, what was the biggest challenge?

Building out the tech to be able to automatically generate recommendations that were of a similar standard to human advisers.

Looking back, is there anything you’d do differently if you started now?

Almost everything! Being closer to customers and improving our hiring processes are two areas that come to mind.

Would you consider your original business plan to be a good reflection of where you are now?

Yes and no – our mission throughout the life of the company has been to help people achieve their goals and improve their financial well-being. However, initially, we launched as a direct-to-consumer brand. Over time we saw more of an opportunity to licence our technology to financial institutions like banks, insurers, wealth managers and advice networks and are now focussed on that.

What are you aiming to achieve in the next 12 months?

We’re fortunate to be experiencing high growth at the moment so are expecting to 5X our current revenues and double the size of our team.

What advice/tips would you give to founders considering raising investment?

The 2 best times to raise funding are either before you launch your product and have a strong, inspirational vision that lights fires or when you have launched your product and can show incredible metrics around its usage.

What would you consider your biggest source of motivation?

The impact of helping many people – advice fundamentally boils down to helping people with their money and making their hopes and dreams a reality. I’ve seen the impact it can have and few things can motivate me as much as that.

What tools/networks/services would you recommend to someone looking to start a technology business?

Tools – book – Founder to CEO, Hard thing about Hard things, Atomic Habits

Journaling – 5 min Journal

Network: ICE, Technation

Is there a singular event you always try to attend each year?

No – still trying to find one I want to go back to…

What top tip would you give to effectively network at events?

Make sure you research who is attending and reach out to anyone you want to meet in person beforehand.

When growing a business, in your opinion, what is the number one thing founders need to look out for?

Wasting time and energy. Always ask yourself what am I optimising for and is this the most important thing to be working on at the moment?

Who would you consider to be the next big game-changer coming through in your sector?

Collison brothers / Toby Lutke

Where’s the best place to find out more about you?